Frequently Asked Questions

Propellers swimming academy is a 100% Botswana owned company its mandate is to teach swimming as a sport and a form of entertainment to both kids and adults. We have a club which is affiliated with Botswana Swimming Sports Association (BSSA).

We are in Jack’s Gym, Airport Junction, Gaborone.

Office line: (+267) 311 1203. Email address: info@propellers.co.bw

Jack’s Gym Molapo Crossing, Jacks Gym Village & Broadhurst Primary School

You need to undergo an assessment for P150.00 which will determine your swim level/ group, then you get slotted accordingly. 

We only use a heated pool in winter at Molapo Crossing, Jack’s Gym.

We don’t award certificates, we only provide training.

A. Learn to Swim for Beginners
B. Stroke Development, Correction & Enhancement
C. Competitive swimming/ Age Group Swimming
D. Masters/ Adult Swimming

Yes we do home visits. We have one-on-one sessions and family packages for both competitive and recreational swimming.

It depends on an individual. Some people take longer to be comfortable & confident in the pool, some take a short time so it basically depends on an individual and moreover the commitment to the program. On average we recommend 8 – 12 weeks.

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